The Journalism Foundation media monitor, 19 December 2011

The Washington Post takes a satirical look back at 2011
The Washington Post picks its favourite political cartoons of 2011

‘The past, present and future of mobile reporting’
Rachel McAthy speaks to journalists about recent key events which have demonstrated some of the best of what mobile reporting can offer and what the future might hold

‘Guardian to axe supplements and shrink newspaper’
The Telegraph reports on how The Guardian is shrinking, including the death of its Film & Music supplement, and the sport supplement becoming a two-days-a-week publication as the publication seeks to stem pre-tax losses of more than £40m a year.

‘Journalists Protest Manipulation with Hunger Strike’
A group of Hungarian journalists went on hunger strike last week to protest against alleged manipulation in the country’s state media. They say news reports have been edited in a misleading fashion for political reasons.

Wikipedia Mulls Total Blackout to Oppose anti-piracy bill
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales wants to blank out all pages of the online encyclopedia to oppose the pending SOPA anti-piracy bill in the US

Why We Should Stop Asking Whether Bloggers Are Journalists
Rebecca J. Rosen argues in The Atlantic that in the rush to defend blogs as a medium of journalism, the wrong questions about what press freedom seeks to protect are being asked

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