The Journalism Foundation media monitor, 13 January 2012

‘Politico Taps Into Facebook’s Data Gold Mine’
Politico, the politics based media outlet is teaming up with Facebook in order to monitor posts about Republican presidential candidates

‘Neil Morrissey accepts Daily Mail ‘bar ban’ pay out’
Neil Morrissey has accepted a pay out from the Daily Mail over claims that he was banned from a bar in France because of binge drinking

‘CNN: Social media is no substitute for journalism’
The media online talk to the executive vice president and managing director of CNN about the rapid rise of social media

‘TV news ‘not dumbing down’, says study’
A study has shown that there is no evidence of television moving “towards a tabloid agenda in the main evening news bulletins”

‘BBC exceeds senior job cuts target’
The BBC have exceeded their job cuts target, making cuts to senior management of 27%

‘Apple Aims to Take On the Textbook Market’
Apple is planning on launching a digital textbook business

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