Kavanagh attacks News Corp on BBC Radio 5 Live

‘The Sun’s Trevor Kavanagh: News Corp team ‘boasting’ over help to police’
Trevor Kavanagh has launched a defence of journalists following the house raids and arrests that have taken place in recent weeks. Kavanagh has called the police operation “completely out of proportion” after 20 officers raided a journalists house on Saturday. Kavanagh said closing the Sun would be “surely the ultimate disproportionate act”

‘It’s Not About You, Facebook. It’s About Us.’
Jenna Wortham of The New York Times discusses how Facebook is “reshaping how we think about ourselves and define ourselves and our digital selves.”

‘Google planning massive “Experience Center” and secret test labs at Googleplex’
Google is developing a 120,000 square foot ‘Google Experience Center’, which will serve as a sort of private museum and meeting center

‘Hugh Grant stands by ‘inference’ MoS hacked his phone’
Hugh Grant has refused to take back his allegation that the Mail on Sunday hacked his phone

‘BBC World News apologises for funding breaches’
The BBC World News has apologised for airing programmes that breached their rules on sponsorship

‘Amazon Kindle To Japan And Brazil This Year?’
According to recent reports, kindle may be launching in Japan and Brazil this year

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