Mark Zuckerberg’s masterplan for the ‘sharing economy’

‘Mark Zuckerberg’s masterplan for the “sharing economy”’
Mark Zuckerberg believes he is not changing human nature but enabling it and that he has created the platform for the sharing economy. With its own new social network, Google has also bought into the power of people now. At the DLD conference in Munich last week, Nikesh Arora, Google’s revenue chief, said that we are passing from an information age to a people age. This is our John Henry moment: human over algorithm.

‘Detectives probe email hacking at The Times after reporter accessed “NightJack” author’s account’
Police are investigating allegations of email hacking at The Times. The Times named Lancashire detective Richard Horton as the author of the award-winning NightJack blog in June 2009 after the High Court refused to grant him anonymity.

‘David Skok: Aggregation is deep in journalism’s DNA’
David Skok analyses aggregator websites’ moves into news production, including The Huffington Post’s plans to launch a 24-hour live web TV network and Buzzfeed’s aggressive push into politics. Having begun as news aggregators they are now beginning to create original content. This is nothing new, says Skok, Time magazine began its life as an aggregator.

‘Announcing the first ever Guardian Open Weekend’
The Guardian is holding an open weekend in March, with talks, discussions and music performances. Editor Alan Rusbridger explains what visitors can expect when the Guardian opens its doors.

The New York Times vs. Mail Online: Who’s Got The Better Business Model?
The New York Times was overtaken by The Mail Online with 45.3m unique visitors in December, against the New York Times’ 44.8m. Paidcontent analyses the significance of the figures.

‘9 incredibly unfortunate headline and photo juxtapositions’
A collection of newspaper pages that feature unfortunate juxtapositions of imagery and headlines. Are they real? Are they fake? Regardless they raise a smile.

‘Canadians Are Complaining About the Internet More Than Ever’
The amount of Canadians sending complaints about the internet has increased exponentially; the last quarter of 2011 saw 41 complaints about internet traffic management practices, almost as many as were received throughout all of 2009 and 2010 combined.

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  • Carol

    The google and FB comments are most interesting – human over algorithm? Yet google are building the most complex algorithm in the world.

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