Ministers asked to meet NUJ about police production orders

Police line during G20 protests. Photo: Chris Belsten

‘Home Office questioned over use of production orders against journalists’
Carmarthen East MP Jonathan Edwards and Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins have called on Home Office ministers to meet with the National Union of Journalists to discuss the use of police production orders to gather journalistic material.Jonathan Edwards says “The use of production orders by the police, such as in the case of Dale Farm, has the potential to increase risks for journalists as they are, in effect, seen as informers, as well as undermining journalistic independence.”

‘As Mark Thompson’s era ends, the BBC looks for the right successor’
Mark Thompson has resigned as director general of the BBC and will be leaving in the autumn. Finding a new director general “will be much harder for the corporation” says the Guardian.

‘Aside from Thatcher, Murdoch secretly lobbied Harold Wilson too’
Sanchia Berg of the BBC has discovered a file at the National Archives that reveals Murdoch’s contact with Harold Wilson in 1976.

‘Police blamed for McCann and Jefferies media mistakes’
Jerry Lawton, the crime correspondent of the Daily Star told the Leveson Inquiry yesterday that “Had Leicestershire Police chosen to give off-the-record guidance to the press about the state of the Madeleine McCann investigation then coverage may have been markedly different.”

‘Embracing the stream: ITV’s new Twitter-inspired news site breaks the day’s news into pieces’
ITV have a new look website, which rethinks what a story is and how people get their news.

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