The aggressive tactics of the Greek right wing

Many media commentators have noted the distinct likeness between Chrysi Avgi's logo and the Swastika

The aggressive tactics of the Greek right wing
The vote for Greek far-right parties rose dramatically in Sunday’s election. The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has intensified the xenophobic atmosphere in the country. Those who confront them, including journalists, are threatened with violence. Read one reporter’s story. The Golden Dawn party is one of the most extreme nationalist parties to have taken seats in a European parliament since World War II, writes The Washington Post. Ilias Kassidiaris, deputy and spokesman of the party said “Golden Dawn is officially in Parliament to speak the language of truth and to express all Greeks.” The party has plans to plant land mines along Greece’s border with Turkey to stop illegal immigrants entering the country. Mark Lowen of the BBC points out “the success of the new-right Golden Dawn party indicates how comprehensive a rejection of the political mainstream, the bailout and austerity there has been.”, while The Telegraph’s Alex Spillius says the party’s success was down to it playing “on fears of national decline and rising crime”.

Al Jazeera reporter expelled from China
An Al-Jazeera reporter has been expelled from China, the first foreign journalist to be deported in 14 years, as Beijing deals with the fallout of a series of embarrassing scandals.

What are the “cheat codes” for the news industry?
Guardian user experience and information architect Martin Belam asks how the news industry can compete with the entertainment offered by apps which cost only 69p.

AP held report on new al-Qaida plot for several days
In a story revealing that the CIA had foiled an al-Qaida plot to blow up an airliner around the one-year anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death, the AP reported that it had held the story for several days.

Guardian and Washington Post suffer dramatic decline as users desert Facebook apps
While initial results from the likes of The Guardian, The Independent and The Washington Post were very positive, with millions signing up for these Facebook social apps, that trend has now gone into steep reverse indicating the problem of over-sharing. People appeared to have reached saturation points suggesting that people can quickly tire of these always on apps.

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  • HooDoo Baby

    The emblme used by the GD and the NSDVP are totally different. The emblem used by The German Worker’s Party was a cross stolen from the Jains (early Indian “Aryans”).
    The emblem used by GD is simply an isolated portion of ancient Gecian cultutral boundary art inscribed on art over the centuries. It is uniquely Greek and suggests the power of turning the inward tension into strength.
    The reason people are reading too much into it is because GD borrowed the fascist color scheme and the GD emblem looks like an S, as in the SS, not the Swastika.

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