Is superfast 4G phone network all superhype?

Is superfast 4G phone network all superhype? Fears as first reviews claim speeds are ‘oversold’
With the promise of a superfast internet connection, it was billed as one of the biggest technology launches the UK had seen. But less than 24 hours after the 4G wireless service became available for mobile phones in 11 cities nationwide, questions were being asked about its claims to be five times faster than the current 3G network.

Online paid-content market poses threat to traditional advertising
The rise of tablets and smartphones will help grow the online paid-content market 65% to £8bn a year by 2017, with consumer spending on digital news rocketing 77% to almost £250m, according to a report.

Broadmoor staff said Jimmy Savile was a ‘psychopath’ with a ‘liking for children’
Jimmy Savile was considered a “psychopath” with a “liking for children” by the staff at the high security Broadmoor hospital during the 1980s, it has been claimed.

Martin Samuel interview: ‘If you get all the words in the right order, it will work in every single paper’
The Press Gazette interviews veteran columnist Martin Samuel. He says: “It’s not for someone who likes order and structure, this job. I don’t have an average week. You never know where you’re going to be.”

Facebook shares drop 3.8pc as employees offload stock
Facebook shares fell as much as 5pc on Thursday, as many staff who have spent months watching the value of their stakes in the business plummet were finally able to cut their losses.

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