(Photo: Steve Ullathorne)

One Rogue Reporter turns the tables on the tabloids

Rich Peppiatt, a former journalist at the Daily Star, talks to The Journalism Foundation about turning his investigative skills on the tabloids, doorstepping senior executives to give them a taste of their own medicine Read more »

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India blocks Facebook, Twitter and mass texts in response to unrest

Authorities in India have demanded hundreds of pages of Internet giants such as Facebook, Google and Twitter be removed or blocked after political unrest erupted in parts of the country Read more »

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Bloggers attend a Wikimedia workshop (Photo: Benoit Rochon via Wikimedia)

A practical guide on how to live-blog as a team

Like so many things in life, live-blogging benefits from collaboration. Matt Stempeck, a researcher at the MIT Media Lab and the Center for Civic Media writes a how-to guide for getting started Read more »

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(Pro-Syria demonstration in Beirut, Lebanon. Photo: Bertil Videt via Wikimedia Commons)

Irresponsible reporting in Lebanon leads to calls for media standards

A series of troubling news reports in Lebanon have highlighted the urgent need for a public debate around media ethics.
Reports over the last few days have shown that Lebanese journalism lacks firm ethical foundations Read more »

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Pussy Riot members jailed for two years for hooliganism

Three members of the anti-Putin feminist punk group Pussy Riot have been found guilty of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred. The group have been sentenced to two years in prison. Read more »

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Presenters discuss the latest news on HuffPost Live

Arianna Huffington launches HuffPost Live video network

On Monday morning at 10am, Arianna Huffington and Roy Sekoff launched HuffPost Live – a stream of daily video content, live 12 hours per day. Will it turn out to be a success? Read more »

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The Journalism Foundation announces collaboration with PBS MediaShift

The Journalism Foundation is pleased to announce the beginning of a new collaboration with PBS MediaShift. Journalism Foundation editor Arion McNicoll speaks to MediaShift editor Mark Glaser about his thoughts on the future of media Read more »

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Hey! Regulator! Leave those hyperlocals alone!

Damian Radcliffe discusses five reasons why hyperlocal media should be unregulated, and why he thinks attempts at such regulation would ultimately prove unsuccessful Read more »

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Stack of newspapers

Simon Kelner: Proof that the printed word is alive and kicking

While print is considered an outdated medium, not capable of matching the speed, accessibility and versatility of digital channels, it still occupies a central place in our culture, says Simon Kelner Read more »

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