Former News of the World news editor, Neville Thurlbeck

One year after the death of the News of the World

Neville Thurlbeck, former news editor of the News of the World, gives his very personal views on how things have changed one year on from the closure of the British tabloid Read more »

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Wikipedia shut down its Russian language site for 24 hours in protest against the bill

Russian parliament approves ‘internet censorship’ bill

The Russian parliament voted on Wednesday to approve a bill blacklisting Russian websites that appear to promote drugs or contain porn or “extremist” material Read more »

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BBC warns of ‘unprecedented threat’ to independent news

Addressing The World Media Summit in Moscow today, Peter Horrocks, Director of BBC Global News called on authorities worldwide to protect the rights of journalists to report freely Read more »

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(Photo: Chris Beslan)

Tunisian media commission resigns over censorship

Kamel Labidi, the Tunisian commission charged with drafting Tunisia’s new media laws resigned on Wednesday, citing the lack of government will to create the institutions of a free press

Read more »

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An image from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN

How the media attempted to explain the Higgs boson

As sober scientists openly wept at the ‘discovery’ of the Higgs boson yesterday, the media world began the difficult task of explaining the findings’ significance Read more »

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Spotlight on Meedan

Meedan is an award-winning non-profit technology organisation based in San Francisco. The Arabic word meedan describes a town square or a gathering place. The organisation’s mission is to facilitate cross cultural communication, cooperation, and exchange of ideas by developing technologies to overcome the language barrier in online communication Read more »

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Cuts and closures bring Northcliffe Media profit

Northcliffe Media managing director Steve Auckland has sent a memo to his staff announcing that he believes “print will be around for a long time to come,” Press Gazette reported today Read more »

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Spotlight on Women’s Views on News

The Journalism Foundation is committed to uncovering and supporting media projects that have a positive effect on people’s lives. In our Spotlight series we invite organisations from across the world to write about how their project came about and what they aim to do Read more »

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Baba Amr in Syria

How the media view military intervention in Syria

The international press has debated the question of military intervention in Syria from a myriad of different perspectives. We present a roundup of views from across the globe Read more »

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(photo: NASA)

Why the media is misreporting climate change

The future of the planet once again made headlines in Rio last week. Sadly, it’s quite likely that the newspapers were getting plenty of their coverage wrong, writes William McDowall Read more »

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