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Read more about our upcoming project training young people to report on their local communities in South Sudan. We are also supporting a local newspaper in Tanzania. We continue to assist Pits n Pots in Stoke-on-Trent and plan to create a permanent school of journalism in Tunisia as part of our ongoing project there.

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South Sudan: Voices on the ground

The Journalism Foundation aims to support a project in South Sudan training ten young people from different rural towns to shoot and edit news stories about their communities on mobile phones

To read more about our upcoming project in South Sudan click here


Tanzania: Kwanza Jamii

The Foundation will assist Kwanza Jamii, a Tanzanian newspaper which aims to hold authority to account, scrutinise the activities of local politicians and engage its local community in the democratic process.

To read more about the project in Tanzania click here


Tunisia: Media freedom

This year, The Journalism Foundation ran a media training course in Tunisia mounting two two-day workshops for Tunisian journalists entitled ‘Reporting in a Democracy’. The course was put together in conjunction with City University, London and aimed to cover political reporting, economy and finance, citizen journalism and social media

To read more about the project click here


The new Pits n Pots logo designed by Nick DonaldsonStoke-on-Trent: Pits n Pots

Pits n Pots is the first project in the UK to be supported by The Journalism Foundation as part of the Foundation’s commitment to promoting free and independent journalism both in the UK and around the world.

To read more about the project click here

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