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The Journalism Foundation is looking for applications for projects to be funded.

From community-based projects to broad initiatives, our grant scheme aims to support people or organisations with specific projects that further the cause of journalistic freedom.

Our principal interest is in initiatives that use journalism as an instrument for the public good. We are interested in:

  • Projects whose purpose is to bolster democracy at a local or national level
  • Supporting investigative journalists working to expose truth in dangerous conditions
  • Helping journalists who enjoy new-found liberties in countries where press freedom has been an alien concept
  • Assisting the development of community journalism initiatives

All such projects must promote or involve journalism that:

  • is fair and accurate
  • is responsible and truthful
  • does not involve methods that are, or content which is, unlawful (for example under the criminal law, and the laws of privacy, confidentially, defamation, contempt and harassment)
  • accords with high standards of journalistic ethics and integrity

We encourage applications both big and small, from individuals with any level of journalistic experience, including none at all. We will also consider applications from companies and other bodies. If you have a great idea, we want to hear from you.

We hope that the above criteria indicate what we are looking for. However, successful applications will be at our discretion (fulfilling one or more of the above criteria is not a sufficient condition for funding). Any funding will be conditional on an applicant’s acceptance of specific terms.

To apply please fill out the form below.

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