The Journalism Foundation is, at present, supporting four projects. Read more about what we are up to below, or if you have a project yourself click here to find out how we may be able to help you.

The Brixton Blog and Bugle team: Co-editor Tim Dickens, managing editor Luke Waterfield and co-editor  Zoe Jewell

London: The Brixton Blog and Bugle

The Journalism Foundation is now supporting the Brixton Blog, an online community newspaper and their print edition, the Brixton Bugle, a free 12-page local newspaper published monthly.

To read more about the project in Brixton click here


Tanzania: Kwanza Jamii

The Foundation aims to support Kwanza Jamii, a Tanzanian newspaper which holds authority to account, scrutinises the activities of local politicians and engages its local community in the democratic process.

To read more about the project in Tanzania click here


South Sudan: Voices on the ground

The Journalism Foundation aims to support a project in South Sudan training ten young people from different rural towns to shoot and edit news stories about their communities on mobile phones.

To read more about our upcoming project in South Sudan click here

The new Pits n Pots logo designed by Nick Donaldson

Stoke-on-Trent: Local journalism

Operating an independent blog which reports on the UK borough of Stoke-on-Trent, Mike Rawlins reports on local issues in an unbiased apolitical manner. His website, Pits n Pots, is representative of the high quality local reporting being done by citizens (as well as journalists) around the world. The Foundation has been supporting Pits n Pots as it develops its engagement with the local community. read more »

Charlie Burgess talks to Mongi Aouinet in Tunis

Tunisia: Media freedom

The Journalism Foundation, in conjunction with City University London, ran one of the first practical courses for journalists in Tunisia since the revolution. The course addressed Tunisian journalists’ specific needs across television, radio, print and online, to take advantage of newfound freedoms. The Foundation is now hoping to set up a permanent journalism academy in the country in communication with the Tunisian government. read more »

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