The Journalism Foundation media monitor, 4 January 2012


Rupert Murdoch has launched a new Twitter account. Since starting the account @rupertmurdoch last week, Murdoch has already acquired nearly 91,000 followers. Read our daily round-up of media news
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Pic for Suliman

The war is over, but the battle for Libya’s free press is still to be won

The window of time between keeping unbiased independent news organisations and going back to square one – to state-owned biased media – is limited and depends on how soon experts can step in, writes Suliman Ali Zway Read more »

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Rebel fighters picked up weapons and heavy machinery outside of Ajdabiya on March 2, 2011

From spring to fall: photographing the Libyan revolution

Nicole Tung travelled to Libya earlier this year, capturing black and white images of the revolution, which have subsequently been exhibited around the world Read more »

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The Journalism Foundation media monitor, 9 December 2011

There have been some big changes to Twitter overnight. Read The Journalism Foundation’s daily round-up of media news and developments Read more »

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A police line is broken on Avenue Bourguiba

How an amateur photographer captured the Arab Spring

The world watched the Arab Spring unfold through the lens of photographers in Libya, Tunisia and beyond. Some were professionals; others, like Chris Belsten, were amateurs with a Flickr account Read more »

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'Free at last'

Facebook to arrange, Twitter to share, YouTube to show the world

The Arab Spring was widely reported as the Twitter and Facebook revolution. Collected are some of the key social media commentators of the Arab Spring, writes Celia Graham-Dixon Read more »

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Hunger to learn how to report in a democracy

The president of the Tunisian journalists’ union recognises the need for change. The Journalism Foundation is working to help further their skills in reporting public life in a democracy Read more »

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The McCanns at the Leveson Inquiry

A foundation for the future of journalism

With the Leveson Inquiry in full swing, the reputation of the press has never been lower. Yet the importance of holding to account those who wield power has never been greater. Enter The Journalism Foundation – a new organisation dedicated to promoting free and fair reporting around the world, writes Simon Kelner Read more »

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Sarah Churchwell

Without free press, tyranny will have free reign

The phrase “the press” derives its name from the printing press; the press was also an instrument of torture writes Sarah Churchwell Read more »

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