‘Work hard to serve your community and your audience’ says Ros Atkins


Ros Atkins is the presenter of World Have Your Say. Speaking at the ‘Building and harnessing the power of online communities’ session at the news:rewired – full stream ahead conference that took place earlier this month, Ros discussed World Have Your Say and journalism guided by the community.
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Spotlight on citizen journalism site Shropshire Live

A Shropshire media start-up launched in 2009 offering local news, features and entertainment has become a county favourite after hitting 47,000 unique users and serving up 140,000 page views. Read more »

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The Journalism Foundation launches free community radio teaching course

A chance for people to learn the basics of how to set up and run a community radio station is being offered by The Journalism Foundation. Find out how to apply to take part Read more »

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Spotlight on Women’s Views on News

The Journalism Foundation is committed to uncovering and supporting media projects that have a positive effect on people’s lives. In our Spotlight series we invite organisations from across the world to write about how their project came about and what they aim to do Read more »

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Simon Kelner: Local papers are the lifeblood of communities

A respected media analyst told a committee of MPs not long ago that up to half of the UK’s local papers could close by 2014. Journalism has a bad reputation at the moment, but we’ll miss it if it’s not there Read more »

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Mike Rawlins

Local website Pits n Pots relaunches in Stoke

The Journalism Foundation relaunched the local website Pits n Pots last month. At a party in Stoke-on-Trent Simon Kelner said The Journalism Foundation was proud to support the political website Read more »

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The new Pits n Pots website (logo by Nick Donaldson)

Website toolkit: Think Local, Act Local – Pits n Pots

Mike Rawlins, editor of Stoke-on-Trent political website Pits n Pots in 2008, gives advice on how to set up a local website in your own town Read more »

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Charlie Burgess

What makes a local story? Or what makes a story local?

There is a big difference between local news and national news. Charlie Burgess, Managing Editor of The Journalism Foundation, gives advice on knowing how to recognise and write a good local story Read more »

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The new Pits n Pots logo designed by Nick Donaldson

The Journalism Foundation’s first British project launches in Stoke

A new era for local journalism was ushered in as the acclaimed political website Pits n Pots launched its new look in Stoke-on-Trent, supported by The Journalism Foundation Read more »

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How to build a local website

At The Journalism Foundation we believe that democracy is served by free and independent journalism, and with this in mind we are supporting Pits n Pots, a website in Stoke-in-Trent which tackles political matters in the region, and we are pleased to present this, our free online toolkit for anyone who wants to start up their own local news network. This guide is full of practical advice from experienced journalists and academics, and is the perfect guide for those who feel inspired to make a difference to their local community via a digital platform. Go on. It’s all here for you to help yourself and serve the wider community Read more »

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