Three bloggers in Vietnam jailed for ‘anti-state propaganda’

Three bloggers have been jailed for posting articles to Free Journalists Club (Photo: Thomas Schoch via Wikimedia)

Three bloggers have been jailed in Vietnam for ‘anti-state propaganda’, after posting articles critical of the government to the banned ‘Free Journalists Club’ website Read more »

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How can media help create a better world?

The Transformational Media Summit is a new initiative bringing together international pioneers to explore how emerging trends in media can contribute to global peace and prosperity Read more »

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Presenters discuss the latest news on HuffPost Live

Arianna Huffington launches HuffPost Live video network

On Monday morning at 10am, Arianna Huffington and Roy Sekoff launched HuffPost Live – a stream of daily video content, live 12 hours per day. Will it turn out to be a success? Read more »

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An infographic from the 4th Estate

Liberal media bias in American news: fact or fiction?

The commonly held view that mainstream American news has a ‘liberal bias’ is a myth, according to new research. Negative coverage for Barack Obama was 17% higher than for Mitt Romney Read more »

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The New Yorker launches on iPhone with a free edition

Condé Naste’s flagship weekly arts and culture magazine, The New Yorker, launched its mobile app this week, offering its first issue entirely free Read more »

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The Twitter account of Independent journalist Guy Adams was suspended this week

Guy Adams: my ban on Twitter was a violation of the site’s ‘core values’

Given my recent Twitter ban, what will become of the social network’s self-professed position on being the free-speech wing of the free-speech party? Read more »

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The Washington Post's Cory Haik delivers the keynote address at news:rewired (photo:

Ten key facts and figures from news:rewired

On Friday, the news:rewired – full stream ahead conference took place at MSN headquarters in Victoria, London. We have assembled ten key facts and figures from the conference Read more »

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A fragment of the painting 'Truth' by Jules Joseph Lefebvre

How to uncover truth in the age of social media

Harvard University’s journalism magazine has dedicated its third-quarter edition to investigations around ‘truth in the age of social media’. We select some highlights and must-reads Read more »

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(photo: Ken Banks,

Connecting people, improving lives: FrontlineSMS relaunches

FrontlineSMS relaunched in London on Monday, with a new service aimed to support the work of NGOs increasing access to information in some of the remotest parts of the world Read more »

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Napster founders reunite to launch new chat service Airtime

Napster creator Shawn Fanning and his former business partner, the Facebook billionaire Sean Parker have launched Airtime, a live video network designed to connect likeminded people Read more »

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