Tunisian media becomes new battleground for Islamists and secularists

Avenue Habib Bourguiba under military supervision during the 2011 Tunisian revolution (Photo: Rais67 via Wikimedia Commons)

Media outlets are becoming the main stage for the fierce political and ideological battle between the country’s opposing camps: conservative Islamists and secular elitists Read more »

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(Pro-Syria demonstration in Beirut, Lebanon. Photo: Bertil Videt via Wikimedia Commons)

Irresponsible reporting in Lebanon leads to calls for media standards

A series of troubling news reports in Lebanon have highlighted the urgent need for a public debate around media ethics.
Reports over the last few days have shown that Lebanese journalism lacks firm ethical foundations Read more »

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Dr Stephen Ulimboka makes a statement from his hospital bed after having been badly beaten and left for dead (Photo: YouTube)

Tanzanian media under threat as doctor is beaten and newspaper closed down

A leading newspaper has been closed down in Tanzania after it was accused of writing ‘inflammatory, hostile and false news’ in its report about the beating of Dr Ulimboka Read more »

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The Twitter account of Independent journalist Guy Adams was suspended this week

Guy Adams: my ban on Twitter was a violation of the site’s ‘core values’

Given my recent Twitter ban, what will become of the social network’s self-professed position on being the free-speech wing of the free-speech party? Read more »

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Media reform has been slow in Tunisia since the 2010 revolution (photo: Rais67 via Wikimedia)

The real story behind the resignation of Tunisia’s media reform head

The Tunisian media reform commission (INRIC) resigned last week, citing government censorship. The decision has generated fierce debate over the government’s plans for media reform Read more »

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Why Fairfax said no to Gina Rinehart’s requests

For a media company with a sinking share price, the intervention of the world’s richest woman may seem like good news. But that is not how Fairfax sees the arrival of Rinehart, writes Craig Reucassel Read more »

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Chris Blackhurst

Chris Blackhurst on the break up of News Corporation

Independent Editor Chris Blackhurst writes exclusively for The Journalism Foundation on the break up of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation Read more »

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Tim Minchin on the importance of good journalism

Tim Minchin, the Australian-born actor and comedian, sent a video message of support for The Journalism Foundation, communicating his thoughts on why journalism is currently at a crossroads Read more »

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Napster founders reunite to launch new chat service Airtime

Napster creator Shawn Fanning and his former business partner, the Facebook billionaire Sean Parker have launched Airtime, a live video network designed to connect likeminded people Read more »

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Mike Daisey

This American Life’s retraction highlights the importance of truth

This American Life, the long-running radio series, has retracted claims made on one of its shows about working conditions in Chinese factories that produce Apple devices Read more »

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